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Barbecue and side dishes in South Carolina
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    South Carolina

The culture of the USA's Southeast region is catching on.

Just take note of the number of chefs nationwide who are working the region’s culinary influences into their menus. South Carolina is a hub of all things Southern — especially those quintessential regional flavors, including a few that taste best right at their source.


Pork dominates South Carolina barbecue. Sauces are crafted with mustard, tomatoes, vinegar and pepper. Follow the South Carolina BBQ Trail to taste all of the smoky, succulent possibilities.

Shrimp and Grits

South Carolina’s Lowcountry region is defined by scenic waterways and distinct delicacies such as this one: sweet shrimp, wild-caught off the South Carolina coast, ladled over creamy, buttered grits.

Boiled Peanuts

South Carolina’s native peanuts, raw with their shells on, are boiled in salted water. Pinch off and discard the shells, exposing a tender peanut bathed in briny juice. Look for these at roadside stands, shops and festivals.

Boiled peanuts, a staple in South Carolina

Boiled peanuts, a staple in South Carolina
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She-Crab Soup

This soup showcases the sweet meat and briny roe of female hard-shell blue crabs. The ingredients simmer in cream and sherry, creating a comforting taste that’s unique to the South Carolina coast.

Blue crabs, primary ingredient in She-Crab Soup

Blue crabs, primary ingredient in She-Crab Soup
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Collard Greens

At South Carolina barbecue, soul food and even upscale farm-to-table restaurants, collards are slow-cooked with ham hocks for a smoky pork flavor, then finished with just the right amount of vinegar.

Leafy collard greens, traditionally slow-cooked