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Lighthouse on Cape Cod
Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
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Boston’s green spaces provide respite from the bustling downtown area. You’ll find plenty of places for peaceful walks and picnics.
Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
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The sprawling sands of Cape Cod National Seashore make the Massachusetts’ “hook” a popular summer vacation haven, especially for families.
Margo Tabb/Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
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If you tire of the beach, head to Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod and hop aboard a whale-watching tour.
Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
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Take a journey from the buzz of the city to blissful beaches

You can easily lose yourself in all that Boston, Massachusetts, has to offer. The northeastern city is rich in U.S. history and culture. Reminders of the War of Independence seep from the cobblestone streets and the red brick buildings, and statues of 18