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Monhegan Island and smaller Manana Island about 16 kilometers off the Maine coast
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Waterfront view of houses along the Monhegan Island shoreline
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Lobster boats at anchor in Monhegan Harbor
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Rocky shoreline of Monhegan Island, Maine
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Sixteen kilometers out to sea, tiny Monhegan Island is Maine in miniature, a 283-hectare artist’s rendering of everything that makes this stretch of coast called Down East great.

On its eastern side, towering headland cliffs greet the pounding Atlantic Ocean. On the western village side, hikers can set out on 27 kilometers of wooded trails that crisscross the island. Only about 60 people live here year-round. There are no cars and no paved roads; until 1984, there wasn't even electricity. What there is is peace and quiet –and artists, lots of artists.