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Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Big Thunder Dance Group (Pojoauque)
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    New Mexico

Pueblo Indians and their ancestors have inhabited the high-desert land that is now the Southwestern U.S. state of New Mexico for five centuries.

And though nowadays you’ll find several of the state’s 19 pueblo communities flush with modern homes and fancy resorts, a select few also retain ancient adobe dwellings in wonderfully scenic settings.

Many of the pueblos, or communal villages, lie in and around the Rio Grande River Valley, which is in the northern half of New Mexico and encompasses the popular cities of Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Several pueblos allow visitors, which give you a look at native history and stunning scenery, as well as the chance to buy Native American pottery and jewelry from the artisans themselves. Here are three of the most popular pueblos, plus an excellent museum to get your journey started.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

This museum in Albuquerque, jointly operated by New Mexico’s 19 pueblos, has exhibits focusing on each tribe’s history, culture and art. The museum store carries a fine selection of handmade crafts and is a great place to gather information on visiting the pueblos. On weekends the museum hosts live, traditional native dances.

Taos Pueblo

Spend a few peaceful hours at this 1,000-year-old pueblo, just outside the town of Taos, and you may begin to understand why some Taos Indians choose to live as their ancestors did—inhabiting ancient adobe buildings lacking electricity or running water. The apartment-like structures rise up to five stories in height, and their stacked, layered look is meant to harmonize with the surrounding mountains.

Drinking water is drawn from a stream running through the central plaza, past the whitewashed-adobe San Geronimo Chapel. Many ground-floor homes have become shops where Taos artisans sell handmade pottery and jewelry. Twenty-minute guided tours are included in the pueblo admission price and provide a nice overview of Taos culture and history.

Explore the ancient adobe buildings of the Taos Pueblo.

Explore the ancient adobe buildings of the Taos Pueblo.
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