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View of Castillo San Felipe del Morro and San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico
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    Puerto Rico

What to do, eat and see in and around the island’s capital city

In San Juan, there’s much to discover – Spanish colonial architecture, stunning beaches, 500 years of history and culinary treasures, both simple and sophisticated. Whether you’re under a beach cabana with a tropical drink or out exploring museums and historical sites, there’s no wrong way to have a good time here.

Explore Old San Juan

Blocks of blue cobblestone streets and pastel-colored, colonial-era buildings make Old San Juan a picture-perfect location and a must-see for visitors.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Expect enchantment as you explore the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a 16th century fort built by the Spanish upon a majestic cliff overlooking the ocean. Affectionately known as El Morro, this UNESCO World Heritage site and national historic site was built initially to deter invaders and wayward pirates. Today, it’s a wondrous location to learn about Puerto Rico’s history. Take a guided tour or go solo.

La Bombonera

This café has been serving locals and visitors for more than 100 years. Fortify yourself with a café con leche (espresso and hot milk) and a delicious Latin pastry like the mallorca before heading out to shop. Who doesn’t love soft, sweet dough with a light dusting of powdered sugar?

Panama Hats and Island Crafts

Calle Fortaleza is an outstanding spot for everything from Puerto Rican coffee and cigars to hand-crafted specialties like linen tablecloths, hammocks and hand-carved art. Don’t leave the island without an iconic Panama hat. You can pick up a hand-woven one at Olé or El Galpón, both known for quality, hand-made goods. Chit chat with the store owners or staff – they’re happy to steer you toward the right fit and style.

Shopping for locally made art in Old San Juan

Shopping for locally made art in Old San Juan
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Savor San Juan’s Culinary Expertise

Puerto Rican cuisine continues to evolve while remaining true to its roots. Expect an eclectic mix of eateries from vegetarian-inspired to Spanish and island-influenced flavors served in casual family-style cafes and trendy bistros.

Princesa Gastrobar

Count on authentic Spanish