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The sapphire centerpiece of Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon
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What makes Southern Oregon so special?

Is it the wine country or the ethereal landscapes? Perhaps it’s the sense that something can take you by surprise at any turn. Traveling the Circle of Discovery scenic loop will send you on an adventure-filled journey through seven national parks and monuments that are a geological and cultural tour de force of Southern Oregon. Get ready to stand amidst towering forests, visit North America’s deepest lake, feel the cool mist of waterfalls and explore Oregon’s hottest wine country.

Illinois Valley: Cave Marvels and River Towns

Start your quest for adventure underground. Become a full-fledged spelunker at Oregon Caves National Monument. You can opt for the standard fare cave tour, which includes the must-see Marble Halls of Oregon, but why not go to the next level with an off-trail outing requiring hard hats, lamps and kneepads provided for you? Venturing deep into the mountain, the marble rock formations in unique patterns and forms are something to behold. If exploring is in your nature, don’t leave without inspecting the six-story Oregon Caves Chateau built upon a small gorge. Grants Pass, a charming river town with the famous Rogue River running right through it, is nearby. Treat yourself to a winery tour on the outskirts of town or visit downtown for a fun night out.

Tour of caverns at Oregon Caves National Monument

Tour of caverns at Oregon Caves National Monument
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