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Sensational Colorado
Sensational Colorado
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From Ancient Beginnings to City Amenities

Colorado’s earliest residents moved here centuries ago. Ancestral Pueblo people carved their homes into the sides of cliffs. The dwellings date to the 1190s. Get a glimpse of how they lived and farmed until about 1300 by exploring Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado. Go on a ranger-led tour to see places like the Balcony House, Cliff Palace and Spruce Tree House. From there, learn more about the state’s Wild West heritage just about everywhere you travel. Keep your eyes peeled for historic forts and railroads, ghost towns, mining museums and dude ranches. Who doesn’t want to go horseback riding and pretend to be a cowboy for a day or two? You’ll definitely want to head back to civilization for modern culture. In addition to Denver, spend time exploring Fort Collins’ historic district, scenic parks in Colorado Springs and wineries in Grand Junction.


Gorgeous Outdoors and Year-Round Activities

In addition to Mesa Verde, Colorado is home to three more national parks – the state’s most popular, Rocky Mountain, in addition to Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Go hiking and fishing, see wildflowers and wildlife, and marvel at sand dunes towering 2,650 meters high. Reserve a campsite to gaze at stars twinkling in the dark skies, or sightsee from a seat in a train car on eight historic railroad routes. More Colorado marvels include eight national monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and 58 mountain peaks over 4,000 meters high (known locally as "fourteeners" for their 14,000-foot elevations). Those fabulous slopes earned Colorado’s reputation as one