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Visit Guam 2018: #instaGuam
Visit Guam 2018: #instaGuam
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Rich History

The island has 4,000 years of history and more than 130 sites on the National Register of Historic Places. Learn about the story behind Two Lovers Point, and watch cultural demonstrations at Chamorro Village. Go on a 4-kilometer walking tour around the capital of Hågatña and stop by 17 historic sites. See the ancient latte stones – pillars topped with cup-shaped capstones – that were used to support homes. Evidence of the U.S. military defense that started during World War II still exists with Andersen Air Force Base on one end of the island. Learn about Guam’s key role in World War II history at the Pacific War Museum.


Stunning Shores

Relax on some of the island’s top beaches, including Ypao Beach Park, Ritidian Point, Tumon Beach and Gun Beach. The tropical weather, abundance of marine life and blinding white sand make this the perfect destination for both water recreation and total relaxa