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Enrich | Postcards From Paradise

Enrich | Postcards From Paradise
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Explore the Sea in the US Virgin Islands

Located 1,770 kilometers from Miami, Florida and 2,655 kilometers from New York City, the U.S Virgin Islands are just a short flight from the continental United States. The dreamy land and seascapes have earned it the nickname “America's Paradise.” A year-round destination that has no real "off" season with an average winter temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (slightly higher in the summer), here the weather is almost always beach perfect. The United States Virgin Islands is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Spend the day sunbathing your cares away or relaxing in a beach chair or hammock at one of the islands' beaches that are consistently ranked among the top 10 in the world.

If you want to kick it up a notch there is an abundance of exhilarating water activities, from world class diving, deep sea fishing, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding to windsurfing and jet skiing. Nowhere else in the Caribbean can you dive a wreck, wall, pier and reef all in one day! Whether you're a newly certified diver or a more advanced one, there is much to see in the pristine waters, with more than 500 species of fish, 40 types of coral and hundreds of invertebrates inhabiting the sea. Land activities are sure to fascinate with lush landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas creating the perfect setting for horseback riding, hiking, biking, and entrancing eco tours.

The U.S. Virgin Islands has a rich cultural legacy that lives on today. The flags of seven different nations have flown over these islands, leaving their distinct imprint on the people, history, culture, architecture, art, music, and cuisine. Take a stroll back in time through one or all of the historic towns. Visit the 17th and 18th-century forts, museums and historic sites. Be immersed in the pulse of the local music and take part in the vibrant and colorful cultural displays during the annual carnivals and festivals. With a tapestry of West Indian, African, European, and American influences you'll be sure to experience the diversity. You'll taste it in the local fare and cuisine that spans the region and the globe. You'll see it in the architecture and art. You'll hear it in the captivating sounds of Quelbe music. You’ll feel the vibrant energy that permeates the spirit of all those that call these islands home.

All of your senses are sure to be awakened by the enchanting beauty of the United States Virgin Islands, a leader in sustainable tourism that protects and preserves the natural environment and cultural heritage. Each island has its unique character and charm. Here are just a few to send you on your way to paradise. 

Enrich | Postcards From Paradise

Enrich | Postcards From Paradise
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Fun Fact

The beautiful blue-green waters of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands
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Though the territory itself doesn’t have a nickname, its islands do: Twin City (St. Croix), Love City (St. John) and Rock City (St. Thomas).

Must see places

View from a kayak in Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands National Park

Covering 2,832 hectares of the Virgin Islands, and much of that water, this park’s scope includes 60 percent of St. John and boasts tropical rainforests to explore, prime boating areas, dozens of nature trails and many sites that reflect the island’s rich history.

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The view of Magens Bay from Mountain Top St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Mountain Top St. Thomas

It’s a party on top of St. Thomas highest peak, where, at 640 meters, you’ll find yourself on an expansive observation deck overlooking Magens Bay, sipping the site’s famous banana daiquiri and taking in the view.