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Wyoming's Stunning Landscapes
Wyoming's Stunning Landscapes video screenshot
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Wide, Open Spaces

The USA’s least populous state, Wyoming is also one of the richest in unspoiled nature. Two of the most famous U.S. national parks – Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park – are located here. These destinations beckon outdoors lovers and adventurers looking to unplug and tune into Mother Nature. It’s not uncommon to spot impressive wild animals like bear, bison, elk and coyotes roaming the plains of this vast and beautiful state.

Yellowstone is dotted with sputtering geothermal geysers and colorful hot springs, the most famous of which are Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring. The Grand Teton mountain range, in the northwestern portion of the state, has mountains great for hiking and winter skiing and snowboarding. The tallest of peaks here reaches 4,200 meters (13,770 feet). In the valley below sits the charming town of Jackson, a posh skiing and hiking respite with a historic “Wild, Wild West” feel. Grand Teton and Yellowstone are connected by the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Parkway; make it a back-to-back trip for the ultimate outdoor holiday.


Ranch Life, City Life

Such vast landscapes mean ranching is a big part of local culture. No visit to Wyoming is complete without experiencing an authentic dude ranch to live out your cowboy and cowgirl dreams. Eatons’ Ranch is the country's first and oldest dude ranch, while Vee Bar Guest Ranch, Gros Ventre River Ranch and The Hideout Lodge are also favorites. All offer more activities than you'll have