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  • Stand-up paddleboarding in La Jolla, California
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    Starting Point: San Diego, California

  • Temecula California
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    Discover SoCal’s Wine Country: Temecula, California

  • Joshua Tree, California
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    The Beauty Of California’s Desert: Joshua Tree National Park and The Mojave National Preserve

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
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    Nevada's Glitz: Viva Las Vegas!

  • Grand Canyon
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    A Memorable Drive To The Grand Canyon in Arizona

  • Flagstaff, Arizona
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    End Of The Road: Flagstaff, Arizona

  • Stop 7
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    Bonus Leg: A Detour to Sedona

San Diego Road Trip
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Southwest Landscapes

  • Route distance:
    1,185 km
  • Suggested Time:
    1-2 weeks

Sun, desert landscapes and outdoor adventure

California, Nevada and Arizona have always been synonymous with adventure. This part of the United States maintains an aura of unlimited possibilities and untamed wilderness. Experience it for yourself on a road trip that will take you across beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and natural wonders that you can’t find anywhere else. What to bring: A study pair of hiking boots, plenty of water, and camera for all of the beautiful views!

Stand-up paddleboarding in La Jolla, California
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Ballast Point Brewery in San Diego, California
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Mai Tai Yacht Charter in San Diego, California